Making money online is the most trending topic of 21st Century. All of us who regularly spend time online are always looking for a way to fill up our wallet 🙂 One better way of doing this is to open an Online Store (E-commerce Website to be more precise) and start selling your product. I am sure like everyone else, you have also thought about this method but lost your way because you don’t know how to develop an E-commerce Website and, perhaps, you don’t have enough budget to hire professional web developer. In addition, you have no idea what a hosting or domain is and how to manage it. Now, what should you do in such scenario? Don’t worry, we have got you covered. Today we will show Step by step how you can develop your online store / E-commerce Website in just 59 minutes. So, let’s start?

Step 1 (Hosting-Domain-CMS Selection) – 1 minute:

Now a days, in website development, the first step we do is buy a hosting package, purchase a domain and choose a content management system (wordpress, joomla etc). But, would not it be much easier & exciting if you could sign up in one place and get all 3 (Hosting-Domain-CMS)? You will be glad to know that, something like this is available out there. Click here to check it out.

So, if you have visited the link above, you know which platform I was talking about and you have probably heard about it before. Shopify is the complete package. It’s a complete CMS, A Hosting Provider, it will give you a domain, SSL, Speed, SEO and what not. And best thing is, with Shopify you can develop your online store in just 59 minutes even if you don’t know anything about coding. So, let’s not waste more time because your 1 minute is up, let’s go for Shopify.

Step 2 (Sign up & Get Started) – 5 minutes:

Click here and Sign up on Shopify. Not to worry. You can Try Shopify free for 14 days. No risk, and no credit card required.

Just enter your email, provide password and enter your store name, click on the “Create Store” button and see the magic:

Next, go step by step what Shopify says (in the middle please verify your email) and provide all the information. That’s it. Your Store is Created in 5 minutes 😀

Step 3 (Select your Plan & Add a domain) – 10 minutes:

Now that your store is up and you are into Shopify Dashboard which should look something like this:

From here please do the following:

  • If you want to stay on a 14 day trial, that’s fine. But, if you are serious about your store, click on the “Select a Plan” button and choose a suitable Shopify Plan for your store. Check their Pricing here. If you think, none of the pricing and plan is suitable for you, there are Two more plans of Shopify. Shopify Plus and Shopify Lite. You can check these also.
  • Add Your Domain (e.g. by clicking on the “Add Domain” button. Click on the “Buy New Domain” button. Search Your domain, see if it’s available and Buy it. Once you finish buying, the domain will be automatically added on your store, No Setting Needed. Impressive, huh?

Step 4 (Choose A Theme) – 10 minutes:

Now that you have a Domain Ready Store, It’s time for you to choose a good looking theme. You can purchase premium theme from here or you can choose Free Theme from Shopify’s Store.


Click on Online Store -> Themes -> Explore Free themes. Choose your theme, click Add, click Action and Publish that’s it 🙂

Step 5 (Setup Your Theme) – 15 minutes:

Now is your time to play with the theme. Click on the “Customize” Button from the Theme’s Tab, u will see an editor like this will appear:

Click on Each Setting and edit. You will see everything you are doing LIVE on the right side. Setup all your pages from here. Click Save.

Step 6 (Add Your First Product) – 8 minutes:

From Your Dashboard, Click on the Products Tab and Add Your Product:

All the Settings are self-explanatory. You will easily understand what to add where. Once u r done, click on the “Save” Button and your product will be published.

Step 7 (Add your navigation menu) – 5 minutes:

Now, click on Online Store, click navigation and add your navigation Menu. And We are done.

Step 8 (Add your Payment Method) – 5 minutes:

That’s it. Within 59 minutes your Online Store is READY to ROCK!